Advantages of a Temporary and/or
Project-Based Solution
  • Reduce Costs - avoid the full-time costs associated with traditional administrative support:

    - No payroll, benefit, or vacation expenses. As an independent contractor, I handle my own bookkeeping and tax liabilities.

    - No equipment and/or software expenses. I have a fully-functional home office with hardware and software more than sufficient for typical project needs.

    - No additional space requirements. I typically work from home, thereby needing no space in your office. Although, I am happy to work at your office, if necessary, subject to scheduling and project requirements.

  • Flexibility - you pay for what you need, based on the project or requirements of the moment, no cost to you for down time or slow seasons.

  • Resource Efficiencies - let you or your senior employees concentrate on more value-adding activities.

    - Management can focus entirely on driving growth and making strategic decisions while not having to bother with the operational efficiency of administrative support processes.

    - New customer segments and markets can be grown more aggressively since management can entirely focus on their core strategic decisions.

  • Instant Expertise - Reduced training as I have a strong knowledge base from which to work immediately.